Welcome to the wonderful world of bugs!

Carol-Maier – Founder of the Entomology Exhibition in Victoria, BC.

The concept of “bugs” in a zoo is the brainchild of Carol Maier.  Carol fell in love with bees in 1979 during her time on a “hippy commune” near Powell River BC.  This led to a degree in Entomology/Zoology/Agriculture. The Bug Zoo concept developed over the course of 20 years.  In 1997 she opened the first “brick and mortar” location in downtown Victoria British Columbia.  The VICTORIA BUG ZOO was born.  As of 2022, International Bug Zoos Inc. is working with an ecolodge in French Guiana.  Please contact us by email for information regarding doing research and or vacation in the Amazon Jungle.  Bug.Zoo@outlook.com