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Giving Back to the Bugs:

The world of Beekeeping and Entomology is becoming increasingly recognized by biologists and the general public as important (for a variety of reasons).  People are generally more aware that “bugs” are GOOD.   Life on earth requires healthy diverse ecosystems.  Healthy ecosystems require “bugs”.  These types of animals require just as much, if not more, protection from habitat loss, pollution and urbanization than saving a single species, such as the precious snow leopard or critically endangered Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.  Saving a “single” species is not going to solve the real problem that has led to the decline in life and quality of life on earth.  The loss of habitat due to increasing human populations, war, pollution and industrialization/resource extraction are the main reasons.  We MUST protect more healthy habitats.  

International Bug Zoos Foundation is a registered society (S0070165) in British Columbia.  Its mission is to support entomological education and habitat conservation for the betterment and protection of ALL life forms. It is accepted that all life forms have the inherent right to a healthy life and all that this implies in perpetuity.