Carol MaierThis business has LEGS!

The Bug Zoo concept is the brainchild of Carol Maier and was established in Victoria, BC in 1997 under the umbrella corporation, International Bug Zoos Inc., which continues to own the branding, intellectual property and trademark “Bug Zoo”.

In July 2016 it was announced that the founder of the Victoria Bug Zoo is establishing the foundation for a new BUG ZOO in Downtown Vancouver, BC. The original Bug Zoo in Victoria serves as the prototype for the concept and after two years is the “proof of concept” for the future development of the concept in other markets, globally.

The Vancouver Bug Zoo will be the template for a franchise system. Any future Bug Zoos will be modeled on the Vancouver systems but also tailored to meet the needs of each unique location to ensure success. Together we can bring the wonderful and amazing world of the most important creatures on earth out of the closest and into the lime light, where they should be.

“Changing hearts and minds one bug at a time!”

(Photo credit hipphotography)

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If you are interested in becoming a part the movement to include “bugs” into a zoo format which is meant to achieve the finest in education, conservation and entertainment… in other words, if you’ve got the bug, please contact Carol Maier at or go to