Carol Maier Founder of International Bug Zoo Victoria BC

The Bug Zoo is growing global.  Contact: for further information.

International BUG ZOOS inc. (R)

Welcome to the Amazing World of Insects and Arachnids.  The Bug Zoo concept was founded in 1997 by an entomologist, Carol Maier, in Victoria BC.  She opened the first entomological endeavor of its kind in downtown Victoria BC Canada.  Carol operated the Bug Zoo in Victoria for 17 years.  She sold the Victoria business entity of the corporation in 2014 under a limited licensing agreement.  The Victoria business is still operating (under different management) and doing very well.

Carol is pursuing major developments of the concept and exploring various ways to keep the BUZZ going, by expanding the International Bug Zoo corporation through licensing agreements and other creative collaborations. There are numerous ways to showcase the concept, from “brick and mortar” to online classes.

We will be starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital for a Bug Zoo Entomological Training and Education Eco-center specifically dedicated to training and education of entomologists of all ages.  Donations will be gratefully accepted through the Bug Zoo Foundation and used to fund educational efforts and entomological pursuits.

We offer eco-adventures to the general public who want to experience real live “bugs in the jungle“!  Imagine wandering through the Amazon jungle on a Bug Safari.

Join the team or if you have an interesting idea for collaboration contact us.  250.886.7376

If you are interested in signing up for an eco-adventure in the South American jungle to experience all the wonders of entomology and arachnology email Carol at or sign up for the newsletter.

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