The Plan

Do you love Bugs, Business, Eco-Tourism, People, Entertainment and Education? Do you want to get involved, on the ground floor, in a business that helps to make the world a better place – more interesting and fun! This company needs exceptional partners who are exceptional at what they do. We need a team of people who are fully “invested” intellectually, emotionally and financially. The plan is to build the Vancouver Headquarters in downtown Vancouver, and then move the concept forward into a franchise system across North America and around the world. This is a BIG BUG undertaking.

Are YOU ready to be an “Edu-tainment-preneur” in a proven concept with amazing financial potential?

OK! Let’s get it started!

The founding members aka the A-Team:

  • General Manager – all round problem solver and team builder (Visionary Overlord with a heart)
  • Entomologist/Biologist to love the animals and plants (nice job if you can get it)
  • Engineer/Design Architect to develop the quarantine facility, and manage the building and exhibit maintenance (generally smarty pants who like to get her hands dirty too)
  • IT and all things digital and futuristic (who can see the future in that VR thingy e.g. virtual classroom, wireless everything, knows what a 404 error means!)
  • Marketing specialist who is the all-round super fun extrovert (for social media outreach, web design and can host the best parties on the planet!)
  • Volunteer Coordinator who is meant for greatness through the Bug Zoo Foundation (motivates volunteers and loves community events and fundraising)

Investment requirements:

  • Must have at least $100K cash to invest – no more, no less (all owners will be working partners)
  • Must have professional credentials in your field of expertise
  • Must be available to work full-time with a team of co-owners, ready to hit the ground running
  • Must be amazingly cool, smart, good-looking, smell nice, have great fashion sense (even if that means you have great taste in socks), know people in high (and low) places, and bee super hip to the idea of running the best business in the “Edu-tainment” world, like you’ve never wanted anything else in your life!

If you want to be a part of the A-team you must bring your A-game to the game plan!