Do you love Bugs, Business, Eco-Tourism, People, Entertainment and Education? Do you want to get involved, on the ground floor, in a business that helps to make the world a better place – more interesting and fun! This company needs exceptional partners who are exceptional at what they do. We need a team of people who are fully “invested” intellectually, emotionally and financially. The plan is to build the Vancouver Headquarters in downtown Vancouver, and then move the concept forward into a franchise system across North America and around the world. This is a BIG BUG undertaking.

Are YOU ready to be an “Edu-tainment-preneur” in a proven concept with amazing financial potential?

OK! Let’s get it started!  Opportunities:

  • General Manager – all round problem solver and team builder (Visionary Overlord with a heart)
  • Entomologist/Biologist to love the animals and plants (nice job if you can get it)
  • Engineer/Design Architect to develop the quarantine facility, and manage the building and exhibit maintenance (general smarty pants)
  • IT and all things digital and futuristic (who can see the future in that VR thingy e.g. virtual classroom, wireless everything, knows what a 404 error means!)
  • Marketing specialist who is the all-round super fun extrovert (for social media outreach, web design and can host the best parties on the planet!)
  • Volunteer Coordinator who is meant for greatness through the Bug Zoo Foundation (motivates volunteers and loves community events and fundraising).